Friday, May 13, 2011

Dear William

Oh my boy, you have grown so big. You have lost your three bottom teeth and you are about to lose your fourth. It is fun watching you grow and learn so much in school. You do so well in school and you really love understanding the way things work.
I love it when you tell me the process of doing a "work" at your school. You get so animated. You make a keep friends so easily. I admire that about you. 

(you found these glasses and declared them your Dumbledor glasses)
You are learning to do jobs around the house, like clean the bathroom. This makes me very happy not only because it means less work for me, but because I can see the pride you take in doing work. You are not always happy about doing it, especially if you had something else in mind, but you do a very good job.

You still love to watch movies. And you love to pretend you are the character from whatever movie you are watching. You say the word, perhaps, a lot. I think it is awesome and funny. Like, "perhaps I am thirsty", or, "perhaps we can go swimming."
You dress yourself for school and this is one of your many awesome outfits (you didn't wear the glasses). You always want to wear cowboys boots and when I ask you if they are hard to run in, you say they are fine. At your last parent teacher conference your teacher told us that another teacher came up to her and asked your name and was excited to find out that you will be in her class next year. I am excited that you will have a teacher who appreciates your style.

You are becoming more artistic and I have noticed more details in the people you draw. You have also started writing in bubble letters and I love it. I love everything you do (unless you are whining, I am not so crazy about that). I can't believe you are already 6 and a half! Having Joseph look so much like you reminds me of when you were small and it helps me appreciate how far you have come in the last 6 years and I can't wait to see what the next 6 bring.
your Mom


  1. Your kids are so cute. I can't believe how big and grown up William is. He is such a sweet boy. And I love the glasses. What a funny kid with great style. :)

  2. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that he says "perhaps" a lot. Hilarious! I also appreciate his awesome sense of style.



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