Friday, December 2, 2011

YW in excellence

We had a lovely Young Women in excellence. We invited the whole ward since we don't have a lot of young women and we want the to have all the support they can get. It turned out really good. Thanks to Angela for taking pictures and Jessica for having awesome stuff like the signs.

And Kathryn from the crazy awesome blog I Heart Mesa came and did cotton candy which was a HUGE hit (especially for my kids). Thank goodness I save everything I ever do cause everything I used was something I had used before.


  1. I love everything you do! you are so resourceful! cute cute

  2. I'm sure the girls loved it! You guys are perfect for that calling. Sometimes I miss that ward and all the fun service opportunities there were.

  3. So I was scrolling through your (insanely creative) blog and saw a picture of my sister (Bekah!) and then remembered I did a vintage basement sale at your house. And then I was so glad I found your blog. And that is the story of how I got here and why I'm commenting.

    Oh, can I be in your Young Womens??



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