Thursday, December 8, 2011

The month of December

I finally took a moment to get the pictures off my camera and decided I better do a few posts. Here are some pictures of our ward party last Friday. I am really proud of myself for taking my actual camera and taking pictures. I have not done that a lot lately. I know the kids will like looking back on these pictures. I have very fond memories of parties at the church when I was a kid.
Scoping out the dessert table.

How sweet is Jonah in this picture?

The somehow convinced Spencer to dress up like a wise man.

I love the intense look on her face.

Joseph and Jessica playing with the (plastic) ornaments.

and now check out Owen's dessert plate...

Don't worry the Wise Man came and told him he would be sharing it with the whole table.
after this was over Connie came and joined all the ladies for a trip out to the crafeteria boutique. It was a lovely evening/night.

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