Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Counting down and crossing off

 Only 5 more days until Christmas! (the exclamation point is for excitement and disbelief). There is still so much to get done, but we have been steadily crossing things off the list. For example my large yarn wreath.
We were also able to get a decent looking picture using the timer on the camera and Christmas cards are sent out. whew. Today I barely got teachers gifts wrapped in time (meaning no time to take a picture).
Yesterday was Russ' day off and the entire day was devoted to finishing the playhouse that Russ is building for the kids. My brother Mark came and helped and my parents came over and helped watch the kids so we could get it all done. My Dad even did my shopping at Costco for me. Blessing I tell you, all of them. The playhouse is done! It just needs a few finishing touches on the inside. After all the work was done yesterday we went with some more of my siblings to see Mission Impossible at the IMAX with the biggest screen so we could see the 6 minute trailer for Dark Knight Rises. The trailer and the movie were good.

There is still so much to do, but I am confident it will all get done without things getting too crazy. I hope you are having a wonderful holiday season and that things aren't too crazy.
I think I am going to let myself lay down and relax for awhile today cause I am really tired.


  1. Did you not send me one? I need one for my fridge.

  2. i love how your wreath turned out... so much. and your family photos are perfect!

  3. tellement d'amour et de joie sur ces jolies photos ! j'adore ta couronne

    So much love and joy on those beautiful pictures ! I'm in love with your wreath



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