Friday, December 9, 2011

Dear William

I have been meaning to write a letter to you for awhile. I don't have a lot of pictures of you cause you don't usually like me to take your picture. But you know I do anyway. After we decorated our blue tree you decided it needed a star and without me knowing it you took off to the office to make one.
You folded to pieces of paper into triangles and then taped them together. Then you cut out more triangles and glues them on. 
Then we covered it in glitter. It turned out so great and this made me happy because this is the first time you have made something on your own. You draw pictures all the time, but this is your first time creating something out of something else.

You have been growing up so fast lately. You read tons of stuff, you are flying through math facts, and you are just starting to understand things in a more mature way now.

You love to make people laugh and be funny. You have what I like to call little-boy-humor that you have perfected since you have been in school. It mainly consists of making gross or loud noises and then laughing about it...a lot...loudly.

But you are also kind and good. You love to play with your brother and sister. You love when Joseph walks to you and he loves it too. You and Joseph play with each other in the car and I love hearing both of your laughs coming from the backseat.

A few weeks ago when I was picking you up from school your teacher came up to me and told me that the was a boy who was going to push another little boy off of a tire today and you stepped in and pulled the bully back so he couldn't do it, and you got scratched in the process. I was so proud of you for doing that. You had to think quick and I am glad that you are a fast thinker and that you do the right thing.

This is another Christmas decoration that you came up with for your room. This also made me happy. You are a lot like me in some ways and decorating and celebrating is one of them. You love holidays and every one is going to be the "best ever!"

Oh and I almost forgot that I was very proud of you when you told me that you told someone in your class that he should not say "oh my G--" and the boy said that it isn't a bad word and you responded "yeah but it is taking the Lords name." (you forgot the "in vain" part:) And then he said he didn't believe in God and you told him that you did and it wasn't nice to say. That made me very happy and we were also able to talk some more about how others have different beliefs and that is okay, but that it is also okay to ask others to respect yours. 

You are just growing up and I love the person that you are.


  1. That is the most beautiful star ever.

  2. Man, I miss that kid!! He seriously looks older since I saw him in October!!!

  3. I love that William is kind of crafty like his mom. So cute. I also think that is awesome that he stopped that bully. Good for him! Like you said, he acted quickly and did the right thing under pressure. Very good characteristic to have.

  4. these letters to your kiddos are choking me up! so precious. love your blog!



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