Saturday, December 10, 2011

how lovely are thy branches

We got a real tree at costco again and love it. They have really great trees. I let the kids decorate and I have not moved any of the decorations since so the top is pretty bare, but I found another box of ornaments so I will get out some tall stools and let them decorate the top.

The kids think it is magic and by some miracle, Joseph leaves it alone! If he does touch it he does it very gently. Christmas is coming and I love it. Today I am heading to my moms with Connie and the kids to get some Christmas crafting done. I always get so much done at her house.


  1. That is a really beautiful tree... and an awesome decorating job! Kids are the best:)

  2. love those red beads. beautiful tree!

  3. your tree is really pretty... i hope you kept it decorated just on the bottom like that. awesome.



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