Thursday, December 8, 2011

She moves like a dream

The day after the ward party Russ had to go to a continuing education class and it was Gracie's dance recital so Connie (because she is awesome) said she would come over help me. She ended up coming over earlier because we woke up not feeling well. Especially William, he really wasn't feeling well. We watched movies all day and wrapped fabric and yarn around stuff (making Christmas decorations) until it was time to get ready to go.
Look at her pose! I didn't tell her to do that, she was just standing like that.

Here she is so excited and sitting with "her girls".

She danced to a mermaid song and she did so well.

The only problem was that she would turn around to look at a girl behind her a lot.

This move is really tricky for these little girls and they did it so well.

Check her out! Big finish!

Connie brought flowers for her.

And after it was all done she wanted to go and dance on the stage some more. Watching all that dancing really inspired her.

When we came out we found that it had rained and that there was a beautiful rainbow. On the way home we stopped by the cemetery to visit my nephew Miles grave. Three years ago he passed away and we can't wait to see him again.

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  1. I love, love, love the profile pictures of Gracie and Joseph looking out the windows. Really beautiful.



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