Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Dear Gracie

I don't know where to start so I will just dive right in. You are so much fun. You love to talk and most of the time you don't have anything to say or can't think if anything so you say complete nonsense. You will say sentences of half words and then fill in the rest with "da-na-na-na-nuh". It cracks me up.

(below photos from Oct 2011 wearing her Tinkerbell costume to dance)
you went through a phase where every time we went anywhere you wanted to put makeup on and wear a head band and necklace. You still want to look nice, but aren't as adamant about those few things.

You love to go and hang out in Josephs crib with him when he wakes up from a nap. You guys will play in there for quite awhile.

You also sing all the time and REALLY loud. You love to sing and talk in microphones, in fact that is what you want from Santa for Christmas.

(below pics from November 2011 her Joy school feast)

You love preschool and your favorite is when we do calendar and the pledge. You also love playing with friends. You are not the type of person to be really friendly right off the bat. You take time to get to know people and once you know them and they know you, you love them.

You love to play pretend and sometimes you want to pretend real life. Like the time you came up to me and said, "pretend that you are my mom and pretend I am a little girl." No problem, Gracie :). You love playing pretend with your brothers. 

(below pics from Dec 2011, decorating herself)
You had a dance recital recently and you have been listening to the cd of all the songs from the recital and dance to it all day long. You are getting so good at dancing and you really love it.

You  love reading books. When ever I offer to read you a book you go and grab a stack of 10. You also like  to read books to Joseph.

You still like being messy and playing in sand, dirt, and mud. You also love to help me cook. 

(below pics pretending she is Jovie from Elf singer in the shower)
Sometimes you can be very sassy and it is hard for you to stop whining. This is something we are trying to work on. It is really bad when you are tired.

You love to watch movies and ask to watch them all day long even though you know you can only watch one.

Your best friend is Connie. You got to sleep at her house and you loved it so much.

You saw Captain America and ever since you have been obsessed with being "tough". You are always telling me how tough you are and showing me how tough you are. It cracks me up. And you will salute me, which is awesome.

You love color pretty pictures and they are so pretty to me.

You fill our home with music, beauty, and dancing and I love it. You can be super independent and that can be challenging, but it is a trait that I know will make your life better. I think you are so beautiful and
wonderful and I love you so much.


  1. Being Gracie's best friend makes me feel super cool! Love you Gracie pants!

  2. In the 3rd to last picture you can totally tell she is Russ's little girl :) she looks just like him. In a cute girly way :)

  3. she is beyond words. i love it. what a great mom you are

  4. Awwwwww . . . So sweet. Favorite part: "Like the time you came up to me and said, 'pretend that you are my mom and pretend I am a little girl.' No problem, Gracie :)." HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Classic!



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