Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas morning 2011

Early Christmas morning I heard Joseph begin to make noise and woke up Russ telling him that we should get Joseph before he wakes up the other two and get him fed because the kids probably would not want to wait for that. So he and I got up and when Russ went in to get him he had fallen back asleep. So we ate and made sure everything was ready. Next thing I know here come William fully dressed and ready to go. The next couple pictures are hard to see because it is William waking Gracie up in their dark room.
"wake up Gracie, it's Christmas!"

First we had them go outside to "open" the playhouse Russ built for them, but I will do a separate post for that.

Then we had them line up and come in.

I can not describe how happy these pictures make my heart.

Gracie noticed that the cookies were gone.

We let Joseph open his present from Santa first.

Vintage fisher price little people town set.

When Gracie gets excited he clobbers Joseph.

And Santa knew just what Gracie would love.

And William got a real wooden Harry Potter wand! I told him this is his last wand.

William got Gracie a scooter and Joseph was really excited about that.

Connie got Joseph another Pooh Bear just because she knew it would be cute when he opened it. And it was.

Grandma Huston gave our kids their karaoke machine since it didn't get much use there and Gracie asked for a microphone (like at church) for Christmas.

Gracie helped Connie make a Captain America shield for William.

And Connie got Gracie some sleeping beauty figurines.

I made William a solar system duvet cover (he prefers duvets over quilts) and he did really like it, even if her doesn't look like it in this picture.

Joseph got a cash register

Connie got William Harry Potter Uno and he asks me to play it with him multiple times a day.

She also got him a Captain America t shirt

Gracie got the pink gun she asked for

And both of them got 2 "circle spoons" in their stocking so they can stop fighting over the one in our silverware drawer.

Connie printed me some insatgrams and a beautiful picture frame. She also got me water colors that I had actually already gotten myself.

I gave Connie my Rumba because I think it would work better in her apartment.

Connie gave Russ the dvd of Parks and Rec which we are very excited to watch.

I got Connie a very old book called L'histoire de Frances (I think)

Joseph and his new/old record player.

He has got it figured out.

Gracie holding all her barbies at once

Russ and I did the same thing for each other where instead of wrapping our gifts we hid them and then wrapped the instructions on where to find them. He got a new TV which was a huge surprise to him, but I wanted to do something especially nice for him since he got a new job (for me) this year and built (even though he didn't know how) a play house for the kids.

He gift for me is equally as awesome, but it didn't make it onto the camera. He edited and made a book of our blog. Not the whole thing, just the beginning. But it is a start and I love it so much. 
After we played around for a bit it was time to get dressed and head to church.


  1. Parks and Rec is my favorite show. I can't wait for you to watch it so we can quote it to each other. This post makes me so excited for my kids to get older!

  2. Because of the "Roomba" photo followed by "Parks and Rec DVD" photo I feel it only right to exclaim "DJ ROOMBA!" and hope you know what I mean...

    Christmas morning is pure magic with kid's huh?

  3. Yay, for Parks & Rec!!! I've gotten James into it as well. He's finishing season 3 as I type this. I also love that old book you got Connie! Perfect!!! :) OH, and this goes without saying, your kids are adorable - as always!

  4. What a perfect morning! Love all the vintage fisher price stuff and the circle spoons are too cute!

    Oh, and every child needs an Aunt Connie! My kids have one too, they are the best!



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