Thursday, December 8, 2011

The blue tree

As I was walking through the thrift store a month or so ago and saw this outdoor Christmas tree with faded blue lights I knew I had to have it. I set it up one night just after thanksgiving and loved just the way it was.
But when I pulled out the Christmas decorations I found a bunch of blue ornaments that I had gotten last year at Targets after Christmas sales. I thought they would look pretty on the blue tree and the kids really wanted to decorate it so I let them.

Joseph only pulled down like 20. smile.

Gracie put these "brothers" together. She loved pretending that they are alive.

I loved the way her hands would cup each ornament after she hung it.

We listened to Christmas music, danced to a little Mariah and had a really fun time.


  1. That tree is awesome! What a great find! I love the blue theme. and william kills me with his cuteness.

  2. I love your blue tree. I also love how Gracie held each ornament. Very cute. :)



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