Monday, November 21, 2011

Saturday Morning Shower

My good friend Jaime is having her first baby girl after having three (adorable) boys. I wanted to throw her a shower and luckily some other friends wanted to too. It is so much easier when there is lots of help and they helped with the part I like the least - the food. I should say making the food because I do love eating the food. Especially this food, man it was yummy.
Photo courtesy of Kayleen

Photo courtesy of Kayleen

Dianna, Chelsea, and Bekah helping me out in the kitchen.

I wish so badly that this wasn't blurry. I thought it was funny that almost exactly a year ago we were having a bridal shower for Chelsea and now I was having a baby shower for her sister.
AND I even used some left over things from Chelsea's shower for this one.

The food labels became chalkboard labels.

We head mini stacks and yummy buttermilk syrup that Dianna brought. The mini stacks are easiest to make if you put the batter in an old salad dressing or ketchup bottle.

Cinnamon roll waffles that Reachel introduced me to.

I love breakfast food.
The umbrellas I ordered from here and then painted them with craft paint while watched movies with my husband.

I wanted to give a favor that I thought people would use and I feel like you can never have to much stationary.  So I made some. I borrowed my sisters art supplies and decided I liked water colors a lot.

Mandy printed them for me and Connie hand detailed all the envelopes for me. Some of the papers say "wassup" and some are blank.

Sweet Jonah.

Ready to hang with her energy drink.

Jaime looking beautiful as always.

It was a lot of fun. We decided that we may need to get together for breakfast on a monthly basis. 

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  1. It is kind of funny to think about how I became friends with Chelsea and then you became friends with Jamie. It was a beautiful shower Debbie!



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