Sunday, November 13, 2011


So I have talked about FHE before here on the blog and some of you may be wondering what the heck that is. Well, I am going to tell you. Our church leaders have asked us to hold family night once a week that is used to spend quality, undisturbed time together. In the church Monday night is reserved for family night and  no church meetings or activities are allowed on that night. We try not to schedule anything on that night. I was asked to share what family night was like at our house for a Sunday school lesson and Mimi was kind enough (as always) to help me out with it. So now you can see what a typical family home evening looks like for us.

If the video isn't working here then go here to watch it (and other video's Mimi has done. Baby Gavin's video is soooo sweet).

Family night is something that I would recommend for EVERY FAMILY, no matter what faith you are. My kids look forward to it so much. They love having time that they know is just for us to spend together. And it is good for Russ and I to have a reason to plan and think about the things we want to teach our children. Otherwise I feel like those conversations and lesson would be something I would *think* about having with my children, but never actually doing it. Have that one evening set aside for that every week gives us a structured setting to talk about all kinds of stuff with our kids. I feel like having family home evening has made us closer and happier as a family.

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  1. This is motivating, thank you for sharing. And of course Mimi did an amazing job.

  2. very inspiring and cute. i need to be better and fhe with my family. tomorrow its ON! and how cute is your house?

  3. Love this video! It looks like an Iam a mormon video! sam loved it too

  4. Ashley it's time for your family to do a Christmas video!! :)



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