Friday, November 18, 2011

In the nick of time

Yesterday, one week before Thanksgiving,I finally got my Thanksgiving decorations up. Things just kept on happening and I could not get it done, but I didn't want to give up because I love Thanksgiving. I don't think Christmas would be quite the same without a month of feeling extremely grateful for everything we have.
Most of my inspiration came from pinterest (love).

I got an awesome bag of old felt at the thrift store and new it would be perfect for the leaf garland. I cut out all the leaves and then took them with me to Time Out for Women cause I listen and focus better when my hands are doing something.
The count your blessings sign was fun cause we all sat down as a family and had to say something we were thankful for each tally mark. We were allowed to repeat what others had said. 
And the water color feathers were fun to do. I want to do more and make them better, but I don't have the time right now. Lately I have been wanting to paint and draw a lot, which is strange and fun.

This sign is so easy and simple, but I really wanted it somewhere in our house and big! I don't want any of us to get too greedy this Christmas season. There is joy in giving and receiving gifts so I don't want to get rid of them all together, but last year I felt like I was doing to much running to the store just to get something. I don't like that. I like to really think about the gifts I give. I want my kids to learn more about giving this year than receiving. If you have any advice on that, I would love to hear it.
I just made it using an old role of butcher paper I got at a thrift store and a sharpie. Fast easy and probably my favorite thing. Too bad I probably won't be able to store it. I will just have to make it again next year. Also, would it be weird to keep it up for Christmas? 

See what I did last night. As it turns out strange books make strange movies (I love the books though). AND this mornings fail.


  1. I love the banner and definitely think you should keep it up during Christmas. It's a great reminder.

  2. I love the banner and the tally of everything you're thankful for. I may be copying you. ;-)



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