Friday, November 11, 2011

A birthday for Mimi

I have not been on the good ole' blog for some time now. Just busy I guess. It has been party central around here and will be for awhile. On Tuesday we had a small party for our good friend Mimi.
We threw up some hot air balloon and had some french onion soup and caprese salad.

There was gift giving.

Chelsea didn't want to be in the pictures and moved. Russ sat there cause he loves to have his picture taken:)

It was a fun night and it was just really nice to get together and talk. I wish I saw Mimi more. I love being friends with her. She is so smart and kind and super talented. Remember when she made this (my favorite video EVER.). She also made a video for me recently that I have been meaning to show here and I will do it soon. Tomorrow I am hosting a baby shower at my home so I need to go get ready for it.

Happy Birthday Mimi!

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