Saturday, November 12, 2011

A perfect day

Today was a prefect day. I just laid down in my bed with some hot chocolate and was about to tackle my google reader and I decided that I need to write about what a good day this has been.

I woke up a little early so I could shower before the kids were up. Then I cleaned and made the finishing touches on the baby shower that would be at my house that morning. Connie came to help with the kids cause Russ worked today and because she is an angel. Everything went really smoothly. There was a moment of panic when it was time for people to come and I still had a lot to do in the kitchen, but right then Chelsea came in and asked what she could do. Everyone helped and we had a wonderful shower with delicious!! food. It was so nice that we sat around and talked forever (if you know me, you know that is the way I like it). The shower started at 10 and everyone was gone by 2.

And everyone helped clean up so when they were gone I put my feet up for awhile and then picked and shelled pomegranates with the kids. Then because Heavenly Father loves me (and Robyn) he reminded me that I was going to take dinner to Robyn from my ward because she just had a beautiful baby girl. I was this close to forgetting and I am so glad I didn't, cause I really didn't want to forget. I want to be the mommy that remembers things. I got to sit and visit with them for a few minutes and hold the tiny new baby girl.

I came home and ate cinnamon roll waffles for dinner with my family. Russ got the kids in a bath and I took over when he left to go and watch a fight with a bunch of other guys. And while I don't really like that he likes to watch fights, I am glad he got to go out and do something he likes cause I get to do it all the time and he rarely does.

Also I forgot to mention that Connie took the kids to their primary program practice that they will performing in church tomorrow (I am so excited) and she took them to McDonald's. And William got to watch Harry Potter 7 part 2 again. It has been a good day for everyone. It could have been crazy and/or stressful, but it wasn't it was prefect.

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  1. You. Are. Awesome. See you on Wednesday. I'll be the one covered in fluffy sugar :)



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