Friday, November 4, 2011

You are a wizard

William turned 7 on Tuesday. SEVEN! I can not believe how time has flown by. He wanted a Harry Potter party and was pretty specific about what he wanted. He got it! It was such a fun day. The kids started Ollivander's Wand Shop (Connie made all the signs for me)
And she was mister Ollivander herself.
The kids all got paper wands that I made using this tutorial. So fast, easy, and cheap!

Then they got their bags that my mom and I whipped out a hour or so before the party (I did the printing and the cutting, she did the sewing).

Inside the bags were their tickets for...

My parents and Connie helped out with Joseph a lot.

Here they all are with their wands on the Hogwarts Express. I am not sure who enjoyed this more, Russ or the kids.

Once they got to Hogwarts they got sorted. I asked on facebook if anyone had a sorting hat cause I didn't want to make one and like the next day this lady shows up at my house with one. I was so grateful! It was a friend of hers she has sewn and black hat to look like the sorting hat and we spray painted it brown. 

We also put a monitor inside (the sorting hat was on top of a play cowboy hat and the monitor was in between) and Russ was in the other room talking into it. It was kinda fuzzy, but also very cool and I think the kids really liked it.

He was totally whispering Gryffindor. 

They were all really good sports. Especially those put into Slytherin.
Then it was outside to play Quidditch

The goal was to keep the balloon in the air and get it through the rings. We didn't play that long, cause I was afraid someone was going to get hurt, but it was fun.

Look at that cute huddle. We were trying to distract them while the snitch was hidden. Both team got a chance to find a snitch and then everyone got a chance cause it was time for a snitch hunt.

Connie made these AWESOME maps. She used the template found here and then made it to match our yard. Everyone had a snitch to find and their map told them where it was.

Oh good, he found it!

So did she, actually they all did.

Then it was inside for potions class.

They got to put all kinds of fun things in their potions, but the key ingredients were vinegar (stink water from lake stink) and baking soda (exploding powder).

Then they had a charms class that I didn't take any pictures of, but it was color changing drinks. Then it was time for dinner in the great hall.

They had pumpkin juice which some liked , some didn't. I thought it was pretty good.
1 cup canned pumpkin pie
1 cup apple juice
1/2 cup pineapple juice
My favorite part was when William said, "let the feast begin!"

Then it was time for cake and butter beer (forgot to get a picture of that). This cake was meant to look like the one Hagrid brought to Harry in the 1st movie except William wanted it to say his name and all the words be spelled right:)

(it is supposed to look smashed)

Then on to presents. I ask that friends don't bring gifts. He gets enough from the family and I don't want too many toys.

He got an art set from Grandma and Grandpa Huston that I know will get a lot of use.

Gracie gave him a dollar store dart gun.

Connie made him a potions set that ALL the kids love!

And Russ and I gave him Harry Potter legos. He opened it and said, "I knew I was getting this." Smarty pants.

Joseph knows what to do with a wand.

The last one was a surprise. My sister in law Ashley asked her mom if we could have the Elder wand that she got when she went to see the Last Harry Potter movie. Apparently they got a goody bag a long with their tickets and in it was a wooden Elder wand.

He was pretty speechless. It was funny. He randomly told me thank you for it about 20 times in the next couple if days.

Gracie wanted to do nothing but play potions for the next couple of days. This is the mess she made the next morning.

It was a lot of work but sooo worth it. William had such a good time and I am happy to do this for him. 
But tired:)


  1. Um, this is so full of awesome I can't possibly comment on it all. Amazing, as always, Debbie. :)

  2. Awesome party! I love themed parties and you did an awesome job!

  3. Wow I wish I loved Harry Potter that much because that would be such a creative fun party to have! You did an excellent job!

  4. I think I just teared up reading this post. Your kids are so lucky to have such a creative family (Connie included)! I love every little bit of this!

  5. Wow! William is so loved by so mnay people. Connie is pretty much the coolest Aunt ever.

  6. Wow! William is so loved by so mnay people. Connie is pretty much the coolest Aunt ever.

  7. I am speechless too! What an awesome party!!!! You never fail to impress me Debbie. Glad it was so fun!!!!

  8. Will you do a party for me, Debbie? My birthday is March 31st! Can I go back to being little and will you and Connie be my mom? You guys are the coolest!

  9. you are insanely awesome. I hope to one day be as clever as you! I seriously love how overjoyed William is in every picture. Great kid!

  10. wow ça avait tellement chouette !

  11. Kirtlan wants a Harry Potter birthday party and I might just have to steal a couple of these ideas (with permission of course ;)

    You mentioned the paper wands website but I didn't see a link. Those were pretty cool. How'd you do it?

  12. Wow, what a great mama you are! Looked like an amazing party for those little kids. So glad the hat worked out. Such a great idea with the baby monitor!

  13. Love it all! What an awesome mama you are to go to so much effort! Glad the hat worked out for you, great idea with the baby monitor inside of it. Darling!



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