Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween X2

Saturday night we went to our ward trunk or treat.
Here is our Tinkerbell and Peter Pan and little Smee.

He didn't like to keep his hat on, but when he did it was so cute!

I went early to help the youth set up their haunted house.
Jessica get everyone all gory. She did an awesome job.

Our bishop was part of it.

This an idea I saw on pinterest and it is so creepy looking...

That last one I got the makeup idea from this ladies instagrams...but hers was wayyy better.

These are the kind of posters you get when you have Angela on your team.

There are NO pictures of me but I was Wendy just wearing a long blue dress. Russ was John. You better believe I was excited (and a bit confused) when I found a Nordstrom's mens night gown at the thrift store. He carried an umbrella and it was perfect.

Jonah was a cute little skeleton with a baby. Both she and Gracie really wanted to go in the haunted house and the both got really scared.

William was shoving that candy bar in his mouth so fast.

The next day Joseph found some suckers and he just crawled around with them in his hands.

On Monday we took the kids trick or treating down our street. And it was so fun.

The excitement off all the kids running around in costumes was too much for me. It made me love Halloween, a lot. I love anything that gets people out of their homes and doing things together. It was nice to get to meet some people in the neighborhood. 

Joseph figured out how to get the wrapper off his sucker and man there was no taking it away from him. 

Happy Halloween! I already can not wait until the next one.

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