Thursday, March 3, 2011

I see London, I see France - bridal shower

*This shower happened soon after I had Joseph and I have forgotten to post about it. Until now. Enjoy*

A long time ago Connie called me to tell me her friend Chelsea was getting married and that she was going to do her bridal shower. So she called me , cause I don't know if you know this yet, but I really like to throw parties. Connie had taken a trip with Chelsea and Mimi earlier that year to London and Paris so when Connie came up with the theme - I see London, I see France Let's get Chelsea some underpants, I almost died because it was so great. Here is the outside of the invite.

The phone booth is a pin and the ladies showed up wearing it. The mustache was also detachable so they could wear it at the shower too. Like this -

(Alexis, you look so much more like your dad with a mustache!)
Now for the inside.

The little paper panties were on a string that popped up when you opened it.

And here is Chelsea.
And these next pictures are so great. Way to go Mimi.

The guests all brought a pair of panties that they thought described them and then Chelsea had to guess who they were from. (I got the idea for this idea from here.)
I forgot to take pictures of the cute string and cloths pins (that Connie decorated) so I had to use this picture from my baby shower where we used the same theme).
We ate lunch picnic style.

We had Macrons made by the lovely Amanda. I am so glad I called her cause she made them so much cheaper than it would have been to buy them from a bakery and I did not even want to attempt to make them. They were so yummy. Seriously, I could not stop eating them.

The take out boxes say "baguette & crisps"

The sandwiches were made up of pesto, fresh mozzarella, spinach, and tomato. Really yummy with salt and pepper chips.

Then there were the backgrounds for the photo booth that Connie drew and painted.

And here are all the lovely ladies.

These are all the french sayings and the engilsh sayings were stuck in a painted red phone booth.

Connie did such a great job, everything was so lovely. I only helped a little, but it was definitely fun to be a part of.
And do you know what made me remember to do this post? The awesome CD that Chelsea and Reggie gave out at their wedding was found in my diaper bag and I have been jamming out to it all week in the car. Very good tunes. They even have my parents wedding song on there.

Her wedding was Gorgeous, like she is gorgeous, and like the rest of her life will be.

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  1. What a sweet post Debbie & let's not be modest - you did a lot! I had so much fun planning, painting & crafting with you. Thank you thank you thank you.



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