Thursday, March 31, 2011

My last post about hair

Just kidding. I will post about hair as much as I want!

I just had to add what I came across yesterday. This blog post. It made me happy.
I have not really said what the method entails because there is a whole book on the subject, I am not going to write the whole book, or even part of it here, but I decided I would tell you the most important part of it because this is for CURLY and STRAIGHT alike.

Use a sulfate free shampoo. Or like me, no shampoo!
we have been tricked into believing we need it and that it is good for us when in reality it strips your hair of everything good. Google "no poo" to find out more and different methods of cleaning your hair. Or just buy the book.
This is what I do: If I feel like my scalp is getting gunky or oily before I get in the shower I mix some brown sugar with conditioner and massage my scalp with it. Then I rub a little conditioner in my hair and then jump in the shower. Rinse that out and put more conditioner it. And continue with the curly girl method. 

Like I said I am so happy for Elyse and Connie, and Audrey, and Samantha, and Dianna. Anyone who's hair is better and easier to manage because they went sulfate free. Have you tried it yet? I have heard you can find sulfate free at wal mart.
(chants) Do it! Do it! (chants)


  1. Debbie. Seriously. I owe you. Curly girl has completely changed my life. I feel like am a member of a cool new club!

  2. so you've got me intrigued by this I googled it. I don't wash my hair very often anyway maybe like once a week. But I would like something to put in it when its getting oily in between washes and maybe if it works ill go without. Anyway when I googled it it seems like people use apple cider vinegar alot and baking soda do you that?

  3. Tia - that is what I did for the last year before I went to the curly salon. They said baking soda might dry my hair out so now I use brown sugar in conditioner.
    If you are not shampooing that often you may want to try Deva Curls No Poo. It is their sulfate free cleanser, but I think more brands are coming out with sulfate free stuff.

  4. okay ill look more into it thanks

  5. one more question how much brown sugar and conditioner do you use. Will this still work on me even if I don't have curly hair?

  6. I just put a quarter size, maybe more on my finger tips and then sprinkle it with brown sugar, then massage my scalp with it. I may do it a couple times if I feel like I need it.

  7. I don't think you should EVER stop talking about your hair. I think it is amazing and awesome and I can't wait to start this method myself. :)



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