Friday, April 1, 2011

Locks of Love

Last weekend was sorta...awesome.
We went out to stay at my mom and dads because there was going to be a neighborhood wide yard sale, and I love a good yard sale. The kids did a lemonade stand and loved it and later that day I went to a friends house that lives out by my mom to help with her little girls birthday party. But that is for another post, lets start with Friday. We get out to my moms and Connie asks our s-i-l  Ashley to cut her hair. She is donating it to lock of love. But before she did it I made her take a picture with me of our hair braided together.

Connie saw a picture like that on the world wide web and I really liked it. I knew we needed to do something like that to document us both having such long hair. We are totally like the movie Practical 
Magic. Well, we were.

Look at these long locks

Here Ryan is telling her she will cry herself to sleep. He was wrong. Once she made the decision to do it, it wasn't hard at all.

Most people don't have an audience when they get their haircut. It was fun to watch and have so many people   there. Gracie said she didn't want Connie to cut it, but she didn't seem to upset by it.

The kids thought the pony tail was pretty awesome.

Vaeh even demonstrated why it is called a pony tail.

This was so much funnier in motion.

Gracie sat closely by with her little doll house the whole time.
Vaeh even got a trim.

Then Gracie said she wanted her hair cut like Connie's. We showed her pictures online to help her understand what would be happening and she seemed to get it.
Get one last look at those long curls.

I didn't get a good after shot that night, but I did get a baggy full of little gold ringlets. The cut looks great on her. Her hair is far less tangly (like not at all). And she just looks so cute with it. 
It was hard for me cause I wanted to get my hair cut too. It just looked like so much fun, but I would have to get it cut at Curls Gone Wild. The struggle with me is...long hair is so so beautiful and lovely and short hair is so fresh and fun. What to do! Summer heat may be the deciding factor.

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