Thursday, April 7, 2011

Cardigan uplift

I found a cardigan that I kinda liked at the thrift store for a good price. I decided to get it because I really liked the color, length, and pockets. It just needed a little (easy) uplift.
I got some inexpensive trim (15 cents for a yard) in a nice navy blue. You can pin it where you want it, or just guide it along the edge as you go.

I just used navy thread and it didn't show at all so I didn't need to worry about doing really straight lines, but it  does look nicer the closer you sew to the edge of the trim.

Then I hand stitched the trim onto the pockets. You could also glue it with fabtac is you wanted to.

And I didn't have 7 matching buttons in the right color so I went with 7 different ones. I like how it turned out.
The finished product. You can also see me wearing it here (though I am not really showcasing it)

Should I have put trim on the sleeves? I didn't think of it until now. Oh well, I am already thinking about my next project...these baskets.

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