Friday, April 15, 2011

field trip!

William had his first ever field trip this last Thursday. His class was going to the zoo so Gracie and I came along too. Connie gave the kids some water bottles with straps last year. Best.idea.ever. so I didn't have to carry their water bottles.

William with some of his buddies from school. They were our group.

We got to ride the train.

William's favorite, the tiger.

They all have a great time petting the goats.
Gracie literally brushed every single one and even shook this lucky goats hand.
I really like the monkey house. I just really like monkeys. 
The new orangutan house was pretty cool and the kids spent a lot of time giggling at the baby. He was pretty dang cute and entertaining. He stayed under the sheet most the time and would pop out with a smile every once in awhile, but he was back under the sheet to quick for me to get a picture.

Then is was time to meet back up with everyone and go home.

I was so ready to go home by then. When I got back to my little butterball I found out that he had not been sleeping well for grandma and that my mom had cleaned and sewed for me helping me out sooooo much. I think I am ready for New Beginnings.
I am glad I was able to experience this with William while he still wants me to.

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