Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Second and final egg hunt

Here they go...

William loved that Gracie found an egg in the basketball hoop.

Joseph sat in the grass for the first time (Our grass is too pokey sit on). I love witnessing firsts. 

he loved it

this is the best picture I could get of the kids together.

But they did really good for the family shot. I mean, look at William. It looks like there is someone behind the scenes posing him (but there wasn't). 
she still loves to smother him with sisterly love.

This picture makes me feel like I am about to be eaten by a giant baby.
This picture just makes me happy. It might be my new favorite.

Look at those legs! I feel like it would hurt to have that many rolls over your knee cap. He does seem to love it when I massage them after his bath.

Joseph gives kisses now, which is so nice. I spend most of the day kissing him, so it is nice to get some back (even if is an open mouth-slobber on the cheek-kind of kiss).

And this made me laugh. Gracie reading a book to her puppy dog. This toy has a little leash you can pull it around with. She was pulling it around and kept saying to me, "he thinks no." I had no idea what she was talking about until I saw her pulling the dog and realized as you pull it, it shakes it's head. Get it? He thinks "no" - like he is shaking his head "no". Ha ha love that girl.


  1. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE PICTURE OF JOSEPH STANDING UP WITH YOUR HELP. I need to copy it an put it on my fridge. His sweet face and chubby legs make me smile. He's such a chunk of burning love.

  2. Oh goodness! Ha before I even read your sentence about Joseph's chubby thighs I just thought how cute it was that his skin is like pouring over his knees. SO SO cute! I will never in my life ever have a baby with rolls apparently so I will have to live vicariously through you :).

  3. your kids are so adorable, and i'm loving your dress!



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