Friday, February 28, 2014

February randoms

Jennie and Jacie were able to come over to my house with all of their kids one day. Then we went to the park. The kids had a blast. Here's a picture of all of them together. The only one missing is Duke.
Most days Joseph ends up with a really dirty face. This time I told him to let me take a picture so he could see how dirty his eye was. I couldn't stop laughing at the face you made.
This is Lou holding a toy for the very first time it was more like I laid it on her tummy right front of her hands and she happened to grab it but still it seemed to make her very happy.
I called Connie to see if she could babysit one night because Russ and I desperately needed a date. While we were out the TV was playing figure skating when it's usually playing sports. Now Russ knows how I feel.
Getting comfortable watching a movie.
Here's Lou being happy one of the many times she decided not to take a nap. It was really hard this month to get this girl to sleep.
This is the position Joe gets into every night for family prayer.
Gracie earned a date so we decided to check out the Sweet Tooth Fairy shop and get ourselves a cupcake.
My sweet friend Beth lost her brother. Bringing her dinner and flowers seemed so not enough. The in times like these I never really know what to do. All I can think of is just to show my love in the best way I know how.
Louise was sick one night wheezing really bad so I made an appointment for her at the doctor the next day. Our doctors office is out in Queen Creek by my moms house so she offered, since my dad was already in town, to pick up the three older kids and bring them to her house for a sleepover and I could pick them up the next day after this doctors appointment. This is a picture of the breakfast I ate in silence the next morning. I was able to get a little extra rest that evening and morning and that was really nice. It was strange to have the house so quiet but also really nice to have some one-on-one time with Lou.
This is a picture of when Joseph tried to draw on himself to look like the little mermaid.
Here are some pictures of Gracie and JoJo at Gavins fun birthday party.
Joseph was really fond of his sucker.
Here is Joseph washing pen off of the freezer that he scribbled all over it. He did it while I was feeding Louise and I could hear him doing it and I knew exactly what he was doing.
I took Louise and Joe for a walk. Jojo was riding his bike and would stop and get off every few minutes so he could come say hi to Louise.
On one of Russ' day off we went to his mom and dad's and also went over to the park. Here are the kids in a patch of clover that they found. I love this picture because I have very distinct memories of doing the same thing when I was a kid.

We found a small use horse trailer to use for our pig. The kids love playing on it.
One night when I came into bed I found Louise like this. I wonder how long she had been sleeping this way.
Joseph found his hat that his midwife had made for him when he was a newborn. He brought it to me to show me that it still fits.
This is what it looks like when I try to snuggle with Louise.

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