Saturday, February 1, 2014

Christensen Family Reunion 2013

The weekend after Christmas we all headed over to Don and Mindy's for the Christensen family reunion. I took almost no picture and Russ took a few. But that was because we were busy having so much fun. 
Harper with Louise. Everytime Harper saw her she would stop what she was doing/saying and say, "ooooh, Louise is so cute." 

Russ (as usual) spent a lot of time doing face juggler. 

Hal and Russ

Ted and Russ

Kirsten and Russ

Carileigh and Russ

There is Russ with Ladybug who passed away shortly after the reunion. 
There was a petting zoo. 
And Daniel brought his real sword. 

Not many people got to hold Louise because she spent a lot of time eating and sleeping. Mindy got her to sleep here. 
This is what we like to call "techgetherness" 
And this is everyone gathering for one of my favorite parts of the reunion, watching the slide show of Teds pictures. It was a wonderful time, with wonderful people I love so much. 

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