Tuesday, February 4, 2014


On February 4th 2014 I turned 30 years old. The day started with a smiley baby. Not a bad way to start. 

After we ate we got ready to go tour the new Gilbert Temple before it was dedicated.

It is a beautiful temple and I was so happy to be there with my family. This is what I want to remember about our visit to the temple. Before we went into the temple we watched a video in the visitors center about temples and why they are important. They were talking about sealings and eternal families and William leaned his head on my arm and said, "I am sealed to you right?". In the sealing room Gracie said, "I am going to bet married here." and in the celestial room where there is an enormous sparkling chandelier. She said, "I had a dream about this place, in my dream called sparkle town." Joe hugged my arm and said, "I love being in the temple with you." and when it was all over he said his favorite part was "the baptized" meaning the baptisimal font. I was just happy to be there with my family and share my love of the temple with them. I also had the feeling that I couldn't wait to go to the temple with Russ after it is dedicated. 

These are the booties We had to wear over our shoes to protect the beautiful floors.

After we were done there we met Connie and Joe's Farm Grill and then I went home and napped with Louise. 

Then I was able to sneak off for a dinner by myself at Liberty Market.

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