Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentines 2014

This year I was pretty unprepared for Valentine's Day so late the night before I ran to the store to pick up some treats for the kids. I decided to go with the theme of I art you. Mostly because my kids love art supplies so much I knew this would be something that would get them excited I also got them roll of bubble tape for fun. I was really glad that I got them gum since Jojo ended up throwing up that morning. If it had been something he needed to eat he probably couldn't have but he could chew gum.

This is Gracie's face when she noticed but glitter glue.
Russ and I also wrote each of the kids their very own valentine.
Gracie telling Louise happy Valentine's Day.

The night before Valentine's Day I also made a run by Krispy Kreme to get their valentines donuts for breakfast the next morning.

That night turned out to be a pretty crazy night. We had to go pick up Russ' truck from the shop and Louise cried the whole way in the car. Then we decided to stop And get Panda Express for dinner. Joseph still wasn't feeling well and all the kids were pretty tired and whiny and the line was really long. After we got home I had promised them that we would be able to watch the movie Cool Runnings (inspired by the Winter Olympics). While you're watching it Joseph threw up and it missed the bowl and landed on me. Not too long after he fell asleep in my lap.

Russ saved the day by giving me a back rub after the kids were in bed.
Since the kids go to a once a week school they are able to celebrate the holidays and were able to bring valentines for their friends. Luckily William had an extra one that he could give to Joseph and that made him so happy.

These are Gracie's valentines. The pencil, sucker, and card are taped to a blank book.

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