Friday, February 21, 2014

A quick trip

In January Connie told me that she was making plans to go visit Mimi and go to Disneyland with her. And of course I wanted to go too. Mimi had some extra passes that were going to be expiring soon so we figured we better go ahead and do it. We were only going to Disneyland for one day so we decided we would drive one day and go to the beach that afternoon the next day go to Disneyland and then the next day come home. Joseph was just as excited about going to the beach if he was about Disneyland. He kept saying things like "thank you for taking me to the sea". I thought it might be too cold for the kids to play in the water but I was wrong. It was cold but it didn't seem to bother them one bit.

We really did have a wonderful time at the beach and it makes me excited to go back sometime this year hopefully. After that we went to our hotel that was close to Disneyland. Then we went to dinner with Mimi at Millies Café. That night in the hotel room we decided we should probably measure Joseph to see which rides he would be able to go on. He was just a hair under 40 inches which is what most of the rides require, so Connie and Mimi, just to be safe, ran to Walmart to get him some new shoes with thicker soles. By the time they got back the rest of us were all sound asleep in our beds excited for the next day at Disneyland.

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