Saturday, February 1, 2014

A story about a pig

We decided to sign William up for 4H swine club. We figured it would be a good way for him to earn money and learn responsibility. Unfortunately the day they had to go get the pig was a Sunday and I decided to go to church with the other three kids by myself. This is how sacrament meeting went (this is completely unacceptable behavior, by the way. But I couldn't do anything about it and he knew that.)
 After church was over and I went to get Joseph from nursery and he was asleep on the floor (that never happens). So I had to put Louise in the car and come back to get him and while I was carrying him out he threw up all over both of us. It was so sad. But when we got home we got to meet Charlotte, William's new pig.

This is her a few months later. We had to get a picture of William with her for the fair entry and it was almost impossible to do because she just wanted him to scratch her belly.

And I love that William labeled her pigpen.

William has done a very good job of taking care of her. He is 100% in charge of feeding, watering, and cleaning up after her. I have been very proud of him through this whole thing.

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  1. I am in love with this project! How awesome! You have such a great setup for your wonderful family!



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