Friday, February 21, 2014


Here we are ready to start our day at Disneyland. Our hotel is really close to Disneyland so we decided to walk. It really wasn't that far but it kind of was that far and by the time we got there I was pretty tired.
In this picture I was trying to get Joseph to hold his hand and pose like the tree behind him was a sword (because that's what he kept calling them) and pretend he was holding it, but the picture was never meant to be. But this turned out pretty cute.
The kids didn't want to take this picture but I made them. Our day was filled with many miracles the first one was at the first ride we wanted to go one was Peter Pan ride and Brittney knew the person working the  ride and we were able to walk right on. That saved us about 45 minutes. 
The kids are so excited when they spotted the sword from The Sword in the Stone. It's a movie they've been watching every Sunday we go to the Christensens so they were all excited to take a turn.

Getting ready to take off on Casey Junior.
Louise was such a good baby while we were there.

Brittany and Mimi were such good sports to going to teacups with the kids because that would've totally made me sick. They also made the trip easy and fun. I don't ever want to go without them. 
Louise sleeping on aunt Connie.
Here's the girls waiting for us to get done on the Splash Mountain ride. We had a miracle happened while we were in line for splash Mountain some guy was walking past us and handed us a fast passes just enough for all of us to get on the ride it was awesome.
Joseph was pretty scared. He didn't start crying until the end. I felt really bad. But after we were off the right and he heard William talking about how fun it was he said he wanted to go again.
Joseph and Gracie taking over the stroller.

Here's Russ and his yard-o-meat we bought for the trip.

Here we are in the rocket ride that totally made me nauseous. I forgot about that.
Gracie and I snagged a pretzel while we waited for everyone else to go on space Mountain. She was done with the scary roller coasters.

Because of Louise and switcher passes  I could go on space Mountain and usually they gave us two passes to go with it so William got to go on some of the rides twice.
Louise's super relaxed eating hand. 
Watching the Newsies in California Adventure right after we visited the restaurant where Mimi works.
The kids were pretty excited to run over and see Flick. Luckily there wasn't even a line for him.
About to go on the swings, one of my favorite rides.
I might not writr about the fact that Louise had a blowout and I forgot to bring extra clothes and I took her to the bathroom to change her while everyone else went on a ride. When I was in the bathroom I discovered that I didn't bring any wipes they were left in the other stroller. Yeah I might not write about that.
We spent most of the time on Tower of terror trying to convince Joseph and Gracie that it wasn't that scary. Gracie was just mostly scared of the movie that they play on the ride. She kept talking about it and asking me questions. 
Gracie and JoJo both crashed in the stroller. I sat by them on a bench and fed and put Louise to sleep while the rest of them went on the last ride of the day Star Tours.

I was a very fun and exhausting day.

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