Saturday, February 1, 2014

Christmas 2013

This year Russ' sister Kirsten and her family stayed with us for Christmas. They also had out family to give to for Christmas. Before they arrived this package did and it said to open right away so we did. 
They got these adorable elf hats.

Even one for baby Lou. They are the softest, most adorable hats ever. 
Then on Christmas Eve we had more of Russ' family over. Now I didn't takeaway pictures at all of Christmas or the Christensen family reunion that followed because Ted the photographer was there. The only problem is I don't have the pictures yet. 
We read a story about Santa and Jesus
Gracie, ever so sweetly and beautifully sang Silent Night for us. 
Joseph got the boom he wanted from Grandma and Grandpa.
 Saying thank you. 
And here is the Christmas tree just before we went to bed. 
These were some pictures of Russ with Lou I the night. She must have needed a diaper change. 
Waking the kids up in the morning. Gracie was completely under her blanket. 

And of course Joseph was sleeping in our bed. 
My little elves 
Connie made William a Deathly Hallows t shirt. 

Gracie hugging Joe, just because.

Connie gave Gracie an Indian costume which was something she was wanting so bad. 
Santa brought Joseph a sword. 
Then we headed over to my moms for Christmas breakfast and I took no pictures of that. I did get on if some of the kids and dads throwing around a football at the park. 
Then we went to the movies. Russ took William to see the second Hobbit movie and Connie and I took the rest of my kids to se Frozen. 
We loved it. 

Then we went home, ate some cereal and then went to bed. It was a fun but exhausting day, cause during all of that I was probably holding or feeding a baby most of the time. 

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