Friday, October 28, 2011

Sunny and bright (kids bedroom)

This last Saturday Russ said, "let's paint the kids room!" This is something we have wanted to do since we moved in, but I never was for sure what I wanted to do. So many ideas running through my brain, but when put on the spot like that I said, "okay, go get some white paint." Half way through painting Russ said he would finish painting and I should round up the stuff we wanted to hang on the walls cause he wanted to finish it all that day! So that is what I did. I scoured the office, the hall closet, my sewing room, and the kids bedroom closet and found stuff I had forgot I had. Today I finished the last touches and am ready to show it to you.
This is the only before picture I have. The walls were tan and one was very light blue. And the walls were empty. Now...

It is very bright and colorful and feels refreshing to walk into. The kids love it.
This is Gracie's corner.

The bunting I made for her 1st birthday. The Holly Hobbie embroidery is from the thrift store and my mother in law has the exact same thing hanging in her kitchen (but hers is different colors). Then just some thrifted frames and a print I got from my friend Mimi. Then I let her pick some instagrams to hang in a frame with mini clothes pins.

The quilt is her baby quilt that was made by my grandmother. She was so old when she made it that is was not done very well and I am afraid it would come apart in the wash, but it is perfect for hanging. The baby giraffe cross stitch hung on my wall when I was a baby. That is fabric starched to the wall behind the G and every thing else is thrifted.

I really love the headboard. I got it for $5 at a thrift store and later realized it goes with the ikea bed. The teal checked blanket on her bed was my husbands when he was a baby.

The dresser was given to us by our old neighbor Michelle and we gave it a new paint job and knobs before Joseph was born, I just kept forgettting to take pictures and post them, but I love it. Russ did a great job with the stripes.

Now William's corner.

He shares the wall with Joseph. By the way, I love having my kids in the same room. It only took a couple of days for them to get used to each other and the older kids never even budge if Joseph wakes up in the night.

William's "I Am A Child of God" sign was made by his Aunt Alison. The W was thrifted and pink so I had to spray paint it and the framed sign says "sometimes being a big brother is even better than being a super hero". The globe is his bank that he got last Christmas.

This wall has some drawing that I did of Harry, Ron, and Hermoine. He also got to put some instagrams on his wall and then there is his drawing of Harry Potter.

I am not gonna lie, I am proud of our hard work.

On his bed we got a vintage Star Wars pillow case that Kayleen gave him and his R2 D2 and C3PO from his cousin Grayson. And then there is the walrus pillow that Russ made when he was a kid. 

Joseph's crib that my mom got at a yard sale for $10. I made the bedding and bunting. The "J" was thrifted and is mounted on fabric that is starched to the wall. The picture of Christ with the children is the same one I had in my room as a child (not the exact same one, just the same print).  Then we have the mini chair that is there so Gracie can reach the light (although I think she can do it without it now) and it holds the blessed sound machine.

Then our dresser that Russ brother Vic gave to us and I have thought about doing something more with it, but I also just want to leave it alone.

The scale I just found recently and decided it would go nicely.
That is pretty much it. The only thing I want to add is quilts for their beds and I *might* do that for Christmas.
It feels really good to have that room done. There are so many rooms in our house that are almost done. The each just need a little more work, but it gets overwhelming when there are so many rooms. I guess we need to just pick which room will be  next and get Russ motivated again:)


  1. So cute! And you give me hope of putting my kids in a room together. I'm still too chicken.

  2. Debbie, it turned out AWESOME!!!!! I love their room!!!

  3. It looks great! I love the white walls and bright colors. Gracies bed is adorable too!

  4. Love love love it!! You are getting me motivated to tackle my projects.

  5. As always, you guys did a fabulous job and it looks great!

  6. Looks wonderful! How lucky to have a room big enough to fit them all in there together. Very bonding. I love it.

  7. Debbie! Gorgeous! Draw Harry, Ron, and Hermione for me one day!



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