Monday, October 17, 2011

New Days

Today Russ started his new job. Yay! I will probably post more about it when I have something to write, but for now I will say that after picking our insurance plan this morning I am really excited to sit down and look at our last budget, make a new one and see how it changes. It will be good, especially if we stick to it.
Fall break was awesome. It was strange to take William back to school this morning and I will miss having that kid around more, but also I am glad for the schedule school puts us on and I think William is better behaved at school (not that he is bad at home, he just whines and argues A LOT) and I think that spending some hours being well behaved everyday is a good thing for him.

And now for some pictures at the park. We went a couple of weeks ago when it got cold and now it gets hot in the middle of the day again, but not hot, hot so I don't care. I am grateful for the change even if it is slow. And so is Gracie.
I mean, look at this face. And the best part about this picture is that she was going super slow.

Putting shoes on this kid aged him so much and also made him crawl straight (usually he only uses one leg)

I also need to mention that Gracie has started "getting ready" every day and this includes and headband with a flower, necklace, and lipstick. I don't know what started it, but she is at the point now where she doesn't think that she or anyone else looks pretty without lipstick (I am trying to reverse this way of thinking).

my heart just melted into a puddle in my chest

This was his first time at the park and I think he really enjoyed it.

Just thinking about how she will start school next year made me tear up a little.

In this picture he is looking back at his little baby friend, Eliza.

Their birthday's are three days apart and they are so funny together. They just smile at each other and poke each others faces.

yum Joseph

Seems to like the sand.

I love watching him play and learn new things.

So here are to new seasons and new jobs!


  1. I, too, love the picture with Gracie and Joseph. I can see why your heart melted into a puddle. :) Great pictures, as always, Debbie.

  2. I am in love with those little shoes! And Gracie still looks way too little to be starting school next year. No wonder you teared up a little!

  3. Good for you guys! Good luck on the new job. Cute kids too. ~Marily

  4. Is it a "boy thing" whining and arguying ? because Sam is the same way and annoying is sisters as well but he says it's because he loves them SO much ah !
    Gracie's way to think about beauty is so cute. Lily (9 years old) used to ask me to wear heels EVERYDAYS... no way ;-)



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