Friday, October 21, 2011

Hand - Me - Downs

Russ sister gives us hand me down clothes from her boys. Her boys are three years apart (I think.ha!) And there were quite a few things that matched each other, but my boys are farther apart in age (almost exactly 6 years) so they never fit them at the right time. Except these sweater vests. William is small enough that he can pull off a 4 and Joseph is big enough that he can pull off 18 months.
As we scrambled out the door on the way to church I made the kids sit still for 45 seconds so I could snap a couple pictures. I HAD to cause they. are. so. cute!

I love his feet in this picture. Ooooh I want to squeeze him!

Gracie is wearing a hand-me-down dress from her cousin Harper. Getting that box of clothes was like christmas for Gracie and myself. She looked like such a doll.

Later that day when we went out to my moms I put Joseph in some overalls that were Russ' when he was a baby.
Unfortunately I waited to long to try them on him and they are too small.

But he sure did look cute. He reminded me of Bob's Big Boy, or something. 

In other news Russ job is going well. I don't think he feels totally comfortable in the new setting yet, but that will come. We did solidify is schedule until May and he doesn't have to work Sundays!!! This makes me so happy. And every other weekend he will work on Saturday and only have Sunday off and then the next week he will have Monday off (so a three day weekend). And he leaves work everyday at 3:30! Did you hear me?? THREE THIRTY! I am in heaven. This last week has been so nice having him here to help with the fussy baby while I make dinner (all my babies get fussy when it is time for me to make dinner), and he eats dinner with us. Seriously, heaven.


  1. You are not alone...I think dinner time is the universal meltdown point. Both my kids are clingy and whiny while I make dinner and I always say that that is the one time I need Brenden's help the most. Sometimes he's home and sometimes he's not so I can imagine the joy you must feel having Russ home every night at dinner! :) yay!!

  2. Dinner-time fussers, huh? My mom was telling me about how I was THE WORST of her 10 kids when it came to letting her cook dinner. Then she read something somewhere about how taking the fusser on a smelling adventure, and just having him/her smell everything (spices, flour, soap, etc), usually calms them down. She tried it, and it worked! Maybe this will help you, maybe not... :)

  3. I am so happy for russ' new schedule. I LOVE having jared home early. It is so much smoother at dinner time. We need to get together soon. I've been in a whirlwind since KS with the Primary program but we should try to next week sometime??

  4. We LOVE hand me downs too! ;) And I'm so happy for you that your hubby's new schedule is so blissful.

  5. Same here 6 pm is sometimes (most of the time) a real nightmare ! I'm so happy for you having your husband on your sides is a blessing.

  6. oh et tes enfants sont tellement mignons !
    oh and your kids are so cute !

    now i'll try to write my comments in English and French so you can learn a bit of french in the same time ;-)

  7. Those kids are way too cute and I love Joseph in Russ' old overalls. Also, that is awesome about Russ' schedule. Yay!



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