Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Today he is 1

1 year ago right now, I was in my bathtub listening to some music. I had just sent William off to school and was surrounded by people I love. A few hours later I would bring Joseph into the world. It was a beautiful time. The next few weeks were rough for me. I think I have decided that as sweet and cute as tiny babies are, that time is challenging for me. There are parts that I love but on the whole I am an emotional roller coaster. I feel very out of control and that is hard for me. The past year, though, has been amazing.
I am so glad this boy is part of our lives. The following pictures are of him doing what he loves most. Putting something into something else.

I love his pudgy-ness, his determination, his smile, and I even love it when he gets mad (it is really cute and it usually doesn't last long). He isn't walking yet, but crawls everywhere. He loves getting into things (like cupboards, garbage cans, toilets, my shower and make up). He loves his brother and sister and he gives the BEST hugs. I am looking forward to years of bear hugs from this kid.
I wrote the story of his birth, but I don't think I ever wrote my honest feelings of having a baby at home. Since it has been a year, maybe it is time. Smile. But for now, I need to clean my house and get ready for his little birthday party this evening. 


  1. Happy Birthday! The first year is the hardest part for me, especially the first few months. I, too, feel completely out of control and I just don't feel like myself until 6 long months have passed. You make it look so easy. :)

  2. I can not believe he is 1 already! What!? And his determined look reminds me of the determined look Russ had when he was cutting Joseph's hair :) ha ha and those first few weeks of having a new baby are definitely the hardest. I always get anxiety. It's probably a control thing for me too while I try to adjust. Definitely always worth it though. Always has been and always will be :)

  3. Yup! That kid is a keeper! ;-)



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