Monday, October 24, 2011

Guys, it was fun

I went to the cutest funnest party this weekend (thrown by Jessica and Abe) and now I really want a projector. 

Stuff for s'mores (sorry the pics are so dark, I only had my phone)

Apple slices and all kinds of stuff to dip them in.

Pop corn, drinks and candy. Let's just say I made my way to the snack table a number of times.

Vintage sheets cut to size for us to sit on with chalk board tags!

Angela and I getting ready for the movie to start.

Russ getting ready? 
I was also excited cause we were watching Goonies and I have not seen that since I was a kid. 

Russ also admitted to me later that he may have gotten a little misty eye'd at the end. I love that he is turning into such an old man:)


  1. Goonies never say die! That party looked way too cute! People are so creative and crafty! (When I say "people" I am not referring to myself, sadly.)

  2. Ah, The Goonies. That was a great movie.

  3. Who are these awesome people? This party looks amazing!



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