Tuesday, October 4, 2011


On Saturday night Russ decided to get out the floss and help Williams loose tooth out. Can you see how loose that bad boy was?

I love that Russ put an apron on for this.

William not looking too happy and then...

BAM! it is out and he is exstatic. 

The big tooth is already moving in now and the other front tooth is loose. It makes him seem so much older.
Also something that I wanted to record is yesterday he found a bell and started ringing it and saying it was time for school and then started listing all the things they would be learning in his class. Here is a list of all the things I could remember/get written down:
-sling shots
-color in notebooks
-watch a movie
-how to fight in armies
-do jobs
-read a story about space
-learn about babies (after looking at Joseph)
-milking cows
and then go home:) Is he a boy or what?


  1. Gosh just another sign that he's growing up! I don't think I'll be able to handle when Collin loses his first tooth. How do you do this Debbie? I just want to push pause!

  2. Sign me up in William's class! How to fight in an army? He's so aweseome.

  3. What a brave kid!! I would scream and cry with every tooth. I love his happy face. You are a very lucky momma!

  4. Toothless grins are my favorite!



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