Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A party for the big boy

We have a tradition in our family of having a train cake when we turn 2. I got one when I was little and my other kids got one as well. So now it was Joseph's turn. He helped me by putting candy on top and eating frosting off the caboose. 
Our family, grandparents, and Connie all went to Freestone Park to ride the train and rides and have some pizza and cake. It was a lot of fun, but got dark so quick.

Grandma and Grandpa Huston found him a tricycle at a garage sale and Grandma and Grandpa Christensen for him a dump truck with lego's and a new book.

It took him awhile but he blew out his candles all by himself.

Connie got him a ball and a Batman shirt complete with cape.
I didn't have him open his present from us because it was getting late and he had already opened so many.
The next evening we had a picnic outside (he wanted to wear his "burt-day" shirt again).

I brought out his birthday banner and presents.

This is the cute book I based my decorations off of. It's pretty cute and he loves it.

He loves his new (to him) toys. What 2 year old doesn't love a marble tower?

Since this post is already long and I have meetings, Halloween  and another birthday to get ready for I will do a post all about him and his two year old self another day. For now, happy birthday little man.


  1. Happy birthday Joe! Sure do love you!

  2. Can I come play with that marble toy? Those are my favorite!



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