Friday, October 5, 2012

flying in to New York

View leaving Phoenix
What I did to pass the time on the plane. I found some partially done crewel at the thrift store so I thought I would finish it. Too bad it is huge and will probably take me years to finish. 
As we were getting close to landing in New York the pilot just kept circling for what seemed like an hour and the sky was full of the huge fluffy white clouds and they were so close it felt like I could reach out and touch them. 
The pictures do not do it justice. I kept taking pictures and thinking that I wished the kids could see it. Especially Gracie. She is always talking about how she wishes she could sleep/fly/eat in the clouds.

Hello New York
 After we got there we took a taxi to Lauren's in Harlem. Then we hung around her awesome apartment and waited for Lindsey to come. After she got there we went to dinner at Annie Ruth's where I got myself some chicken and waffles and both were divine.
And Lauren hates me taking her picture, you will notice the theme. 
We went back to her place and met some of her friends. We read US magazine and painted nails.

 Well, Lauren tried anyway. I am grateful for the laughs that girl gives me.

 Then we went to bed...late. 
Next up: Brooklyn!

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  1. Since I haven't been to many far away places I love reading about other people's adventure.



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