Wednesday, October 17, 2012

change is good

So now that I am done with blogging about my New York trip that happened at the end of September I can start blogging about all the other things that happened earlier in September. Because for some reason I am just really, really behind. And things aren't going to slow down so I need to pick up the pace and get caught up NOW! I mean just look at my list of things that are happening between now and the end of the year! And add in Young Women's lessons and activities and the fact that I am the president of the parent council at the kids school and yep, I am busy.
I am NOT complaining though. I am not even stressed because none of these things I am doing by myself (well, maybe the first three/four) and because all of these things make me extremely happy. I love parties, celebrations, and holidays but even more I love what is being celebrated. Except Halloween, I am not even sure what we are celebrating there. But it's fun.
i made envelopes out of wrapping paper
And now about the change that I mentioned in the title. They changed our ward boundaries by adding to it! They added two streets to our ward and a bonus is that Mimi lives on one of those streets! This is a huge answer to prayer for me. You see, I have been serving as the president of the Young Women's organization for over 2 years. We have very little youth, when they made the change we only have 3 girls that would come and 2 that didn't want to come anymore. I don't write that much about the experiences I have had with this calling because they are not my stories to tell, but boy do I have stories. I will say that most of the girls come from rough back grounds and broken homes and are carrying a lot of baggage because of it. I have tried to be a help and a support to them as much as I can and I hope I have been. But only have a few active girls has made it really hard to run the program the way it is meant to be run and more than anything I want these girls to have friends. 

angela made the labels and invites (of course) for a get to know you party we threw
When they added those two streets we gained 11 (11!!) new girls. And they are good, wonderful girls. Just like the ones I already had. Now we just have more! And I got more leaders, which means more help. It has been wonderful working with Jessica and Angela and it is wonderful to add 6 new leaders to the group. The change has made things busy and I was shaking like a leaf on Sunday to teach a lesson to a room full of girls and leaders, but it has been and will be so so good for me and the girls.


  1. i don't know how you do it all... you are awesome.

    also, so excited about the change!

  2. We had heard about the change in boundaries and I was wondering if you were released or they hung on to you. Glad your wish finally came true :)



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