Wednesday, October 10, 2012


We walked around Soho for a little while and then decided to head over to Grand Central Station.
 When we were on the subway we decided to get off on the Bleecker Street to take a picture because of the  song by Simon and Garfunkle and Travis
Then we headed over to Grand Central Station and it was gorgeous. I mean wow. We went to the place where you can stand in opposite corners and hear each other whispering but guess what. They had some kind of wall up in the middle of it. It kinda worked but now well.

Then we headed over to 

On our way there.

Right in front of the Rockefeller center there was a Lego store where I went to get William gift. Lord of the Rings character Lego's that turned out to be magnets (lame). I think Lego's are such a rip off.

Well, here w are. We were hoping to run into Tina Fey but didn't.

Then up on top we could see the concert we were missing in Central Park. It was Foo Fighters!!! and The Black Keys!!! :(

Lindsey paid to use the view zoomers (that't their name, right?) to see who was on stage. We could hear the bass but not much more. We think it was The Black Keys.

Then we went down and hurried our little tails through time square and made it just in time for Newsies.

It was awesome! Such good dancing and the music was awesome. I loved it.

Connie wearing the hat I got for William
We waited outside to meet the actors because, duh.

These dudes are brothers. Maybe twins?

This is the fella that played Jack Kelly

And this was Crutchy. They all did so good. We were really disappointed that they didn't come out in costume. When I mentioned my disappointment to Lauren she said, "I know I was expecting newsies. These are just boys, what good are they to me?"

In Time Square, which was kinda annoying to me. Lindsey liked it, I think that's because it is shiny.

Then we headed over to Carnegie Deli and got some pickles, large amounts of corned beef and a big piece of really yummy cheese cake.
I think after that we just went home and went to sleep. With very very tired feet.


  1. I love the Newsies pictures even if I do have a double chin in them. I wish we could do this all over again!

  2. When I was young (12? 13?) I flew to CA to visit my friends and the present I brought back to my family was the movie Newsies. No one really liked it. What a shame. But this post makes me want to watch it again. I was obsessed with it. I even have the piano music for all the songs. :)

    1. I love Newsies so much and I think I have convinced William to be a Newsie for Halloween! How awesome is that?

  3. I want to do it all again right now. Also, I need copies of these pictures. You take much better (and more) pictures than I do. Some of me are not so flattering, but I loved the trip so much that I don't care.



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