Tuesday, October 23, 2012


We live next to a apartment complex that houses seniors and some of these apartments look over our back yard. One Sunday afternoon one of them knocked on my door. A sweet women who is originally from Brasil. She told me that she needed someone to help he with some projects around her house and that she has seen Russ out working in the yard and thought he might be able to help. He has gone over to do a couple of things here are there and she has stopped by to see the children. She loves them and they love her. Here she is measuring Gracie so she can make her a dress.

She stopped over again last night and it was good to see her. She has asked if she could be their adopted Grandmother and wants us to call her Bisa. I feel bad cause I know she would like us to come over and visit her, when she comes here she feels like she is being a bother (even though I told her she is not). There is just so much going on right now we don't typically have time when I'm not doing something. She told me that when she saw the children playing in the yard that she thought to herself, "I need to have these children in my life." I know it must be hard to have been a mother and grandmother for so many years and then find yourself living alone. I am glad we are friends and that she is our neighbor. 


  1. That's cute. I wish you were my neighbor.

  2. That is so sweet!!!! Icantwait toseethe dress she makes!



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