Monday, October 8, 2012


The next morning I woke up to this view out Lauren's room mates window. She was out of town so Lindsey and I slept in there. This people have corn growing down there!

We stopped to get some cookies and such for breakfast at Levain Bakery. 

Lots of yummy things and then we headed down to the subway to make our way to Brooklyn.
Lauren was not fond of all my picture taking. But did that stop me? No, no it didn't.

We walked from the subway to the Brooklyn flea market where I wanted everything but got nothing.

I love trinkity junk like this.

Connie got some way cute cups that weren't crazy expensive (like everything else).

This was just a cute little place, there were lots of them around there.

Then we walked over to the Brooklyn Bridge. Here Lindsey and I are both taking a picture of it.
Then Connie offered to take a picture of us with it. Much nicer. And that is not just the angel, the bridge is huge!

We were going to get Grimaldi's pizza but the line was crazy long. And I mean crazy. We didn't want to wait that long, plus there is one in Scottsdale.
Then we found a nice little pizza place right under the bridge. Ignazio's is what I believe it was called.
It was good. I think I prefer a thinner crust, but you put cheese on anything and I will love it.
They brought us cookies at the end so that was great (that's the bridge in the background).

 Then some pics at the Brooklyn bridge park. It was a really lovely place.

Then we headed up to the Brooklyn Bridge.
 I really did enjoy this so much and want to learn more about it since I basically no nothing about it's history. It is huge and beautifully done.

I asked Lauren to stop and turn around. She stopped but wouldn't turn around so Lindsey photo bombed for me.

And as we walked off the bridge we got to see the building were Lauren is doing an internship right now (the big white building to the right).
Then this is where we lost Lauren. She needed to go back the the apartment to get our tickets for Newsies that night and she wasn't feeling well so she headed home while we roamed the city.

 So we got on the subway and were off to Grand Central Station.
To be continued...


  1. These photos are SO DREAMY. I love that place so so so so so so so so very much.

  2. i think MY favorite parts of your trip were the brooklyn bridge and flea market :)



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