Friday, October 12, 2012

Our Last Full Day

Then next morning I woke up and my voice was gone! After awhile I could talk a little bit but it sounded bad. I spent some time looking around Lauren's house. She has a lot of great things. I wish I had taken pictures of more.
Her camel collection has always amused me.
That morning we headed off to central park. We were planning to go to the Met but realized that we would not have time for that.
(I did not edit that rainbow into the picture, it is real)
Central park really was very very lovely and we only saw a smidgen of it.

We were hungry so Lauren took us on a journey to find a Nutella shake and it was yummy!
Then we headed to a street fair where there was more nutella!
At the street fair we also ate this stuff (don't remember what it is called) but some kind of corn bread pancakes sandwiched together with mozzarella in the middle. It was very yummy. From there we ended up in Grand Central Station again and Connie and Lauren both wanted to change their shoes (we were smart and brought flip flops in our bags in case).
Lauren and Connie were going to try and see if they could leave a bag with boots in it and then come pick it up later but it didn't work. I loved watching Connie and Lauren looking over that high counter. It made them look like children. Too bad Lauren turned around just as I got my camera out.
Were were headed to the 9/11 memorial and it started to rain. Lauren was afraid she would slip on the wet stone so she held on to Connie. Lindsey and I were sharing an umbrella behind them and watching them made me feel like we were little old ladies walking through the city. I can 't wait until we are old ladies taking trips together.

The 9/11 memorial was amazing and worth the hour it took to get through security. It has always been hard for me to wrap my head around the magnitude of what happened  When it happened I was a senior in High School and I didn't even know what the World Trade Center was. Well these fountains are enormous and to see and hear all that water falling and not being able to see the bottom and seeing all those names made it feel more real to me.
Looking up
Looking down
We were all really touched by the story of the Survivor Tree

While we were looking at the tree we got to hear some bagpipes. As if we weren't all feeling emotional enough.

The remnants of a women's purse who was killed in the attacks. 
It was very sad to see. I can't believe it was so long ago. I hope we never forget.
Then we headed down to the Staten Island Ferry. This is where we got our best view of the Statue of Liberty. (Don't you love the way Lauren is standing?)
As we were getting off the ferry we asked a cop where a good place to eat was and her told us. It was yummy and a lot of fun. A lot of thick New York accents there and a lot of guys wearing jerseys and watching football.
Then restaurant was so loud that I didn't really talk the whole time we were there cause no one would have been able to hear me anyway.
On the way back
Then we stopped by magnolia bakery for some treats for that night and then next morning cause it was Lindsey's 30th birthday.

I got banana cream pie.
Then it was home again to SLEEP!

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