Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Was my shirt, now her dress

So I have this shirt that I like, but it is a little short waisted and a tad too short in the arms. I didn't want to just get rid of it though.
So I decided to try and turn it into a dress for Gracie.

First I put it on her inside out and put safety pins on it to fit her.

I also used another dress/shirt of hers to help me with the measurements.

I drew a line with chalk, kept it from moving and slipping around with safety pins and sewed it up.

I also cut off the sleeves.

I tried just hemming the sleeve by top stitching the original shoulder seam. It looked funky so I made a casing and put some elastic in it.

Then using the die cut machine at the scrapbook store I cut out some owls from another old shirt of mine. Then I cut out some stars and hand stitched them on. I did this on a long car drive and while watching a movie.

I think it turned out pretty cute...but anything looks cute on her.

By the way, this is my kind of sewing. No confusing pattern and most of the sewing is already done. This will probably not be the last up-cycled shirt to show up on this blog.


  1. Why don't we craft together? That's my kind of sewing too - I hate using patterns! The dress is adorable! I think I may just do the same for emmie with one of my shirts!!! fun!

  2. So THAT'S what we're supposed to learn in young women's...

  3. adorable!!! wish I had your talents...and it helps to have a CUTE little girl!



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