Monday, February 28, 2011

Just in case you need a case

I was at a show with my good friend Lindsey she pulled her camera out of her bag...wrapped in a sock. A very clever idea for protecting your camera, but not very cute. So I made her this.
I wish I had a full on tutorial to show y'all how to make one, cause it is fairly simple. But because it was the first time I made one it took adjusting and playing around to get it just right. But here are some pictures of along the way.
I used black felt for the outside and a black fleece scrap for the outside. I cut all the piece, gathered some buttons and layed it out how I wanted it. (I did see a lot of these camera cases online, but not one particular person to credit it to. Lots of people make them)

Then I used hot glue to keep everything in place and then hand stitched everything down. Make sure if you do this to place the hot glue in only places you don't want to stitch. It is much easier to stitch through when there is no hot glue in there.

I closed up the edged and put it all together (messily)with a hand blanket stitch. And I used Velcro for it to stay closed and that I sewed on with my machine. Maybe if I make another one I will have a better tutorial for you, now that I know how to do it.

I gave this to Lindsey as a going away present cause she just moved far away from me. I am sad she is so far, but happy for her to be starting this new phase of her life. I will miss you Linds. But not to worry, I will visit soon.

I really like projects like this that can be done in an afternoon.


  1. SO stinkin cute! i may need to think about making one of those.

  2. It really does beat keeping my camera in a sock. :) Thanks, Debbie. I can't wait for you to come visit!



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