Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I decided to put Joseph in Sam's walker as another means of keeping him from further flattening his head. I thought he would be to small/young for it. I was wrong and that is CRAZY!
He sat up stiff and never fell or wobbled and once his hand accidentally hit a toy that made noise, he was concentrating so hard on making it happen again.

I told him good job and he smiled at me (what? is he really old enough to be doing this? where does the time go?).

i love his lips in this next picture. So much concentration.

Also crazy, I came across these photos the other day.

Yep, that is William look just like his brother Joseph. Seriously twiners.
AND William was 5 months when these were taken and Joseph is only 3  months and been wearing that same shirt for awhile and he has outgrown those pants. So they are not the same size and Joe's head is bigger (that any other babies) but they are definitely brothers.

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  1. You made it sound like my mind was going to be blown by how much they looked alike. Brothers yes, twins no.



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