Monday, February 7, 2011

Londons Run

Last Friday we slept out at my parents because Russ was getting up early the next morning to run in London's run along with Mark, Ashley and Eric.
Joseph was so tired that he fell asleep on my moms lap just before we left.

Of course they had air bouncing things and of course that is where my kids wanted to go. But Gracie had to have the guy carry her up because she kept slipping down.

I don't think she was so sure about going down either, but she was all smiles when she was done.

And...they had an alligator there?!

along with a komodo dragon. The kids were stoked.

Mark finished first in excellent time (that I don't remember, but it was better than his last time)

And here comes Russ. I also don't remember his time, but he did great. (I have a hard time with numbers and my brain does not work lately.)

He looks tired. I am really proud of him for doing this. He did not have many opportunities to train, but he still did it and did a great job.

Joseph was just chillin' on my moms arm. Chillin' cause it was cold.

And then came Eric. I am really proud of him too. I know it wasn't easy, but he did it.

We went out to eat after and then went back to my moms. When we left later that day I would say they kids were both pretty tired, but they love sleeping at Grandmas house.

Look at my awesome running man. (I feel like they are getting better at designing these running shirts)

Maybe someday I will join him...ha ha!

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  1. I feel impressed to tell you and your marathon family, that I just ate an entire frozen pizza.



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