Tuesday, February 8, 2011

butterball, beachball, and basketball

February 4th was my birthday and for my birthday I decided that after I got William off to school, I was going to forget my normal "to-do's" and play in my bed with Joseph and Gracie. I can not get enough of my little butterball.
He really loves laying sideways on my stomach. He is all smiles and fun.

I love his chubby thighs!

I want to squeeze him!

And Gracie put on my favorite dress, it was almost like she knew. Then we practiced rolling like a beach ball on my bead. For some reason she  says she can't roll and is nervous about it so it was nice to practice with her.

After awhile we got ready to go to lunch at Liberty Market. Russ and Connie met us there.

Gracie had to wake up from her nap.

Later for dinner we went to Joe's Farm Grill and then to a high school basketball game because my niece was dancing during half time.

William picked a team and cheered them on the whole time.

Here he is telling me that they scored twice!

And there is little miss dance front and center.
Cousins enjoying each others company.

It was a full fun day.

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