Sunday, February 20, 2011

I have a bad memory

Lately I find it hard to remember things. And I am not just saying that, sometimes I feel like I am loosing my mind.
But, I do remember being a kid and how wonderful it was. I remember riding bikes and pretending they were cars. Gabe's house was the bank, Jennies was taco bell cause their bush had leaves that looked like taco shells. I can still feel the sensation of running through our squishy grass. I loved being a kid, I miss it. That is why I love watching my kids experience it. I hope they never forget how fun it is to play outside with friends.

Today we were looking for William so we could go to dinner at Russ' parents and he was found outside in the sprinkling weather playing under the pomegranate tree like it was his house. I smiled and told him I did the same thing when I was little. He seemed please. I was pleased.

Sometimes it is hard, but I really do love this life.

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